Something to say

I remember when I was a kid and really really wanted a tape recorder so I could record stuff.  In the fullness of time my Dad got one and it was with great excitement I took it into my room, ready to say profound things.  I laid it on the bed, pick up the microphone, and turned it on.  Then after a few minutes I turned it off again.  I sat there for a bit and turned it on again.  Then I turned it off.  It took a few times before I realized that I had nothing to say, even to myself.  I’m hoping that will not be the case here.  The internet is a powerful forum that seems to be full of crackpots.  Those of us who would like to try and make positive changes find ourselves…suddenly speechless.  Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT a man of few words so I will try to be concise and insightful.


About Me

I am a mechanical engineer, it’s not just what I do it’s a part of who I am. I love machines and the way things work.

I work for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, on the largest moving structure on land, the GBT ( .

I am a writer of short stories and unfinished novels. I hope someday to be an writer of a finished novel but that seems like a long way off.

I live in the mountains of West Virginia and like to fish and hunt in my spare time.