Looks like we’re gonna bail out the airlines…they get our money and we get, um, nuthin.

Well maybe we’ve gotta make a deal.  Maybe they’ll get my tax money but how about no more of this baggage charge nonsense, back to one bag domestic and two bags international, we get rid of most of the carry-on army who get to load first because they can pay more ridiculous fees.

Let’s make it real simple, a seat costs X, has a reasonable amount of legroom, includes a checked bag, and we load by rows with families with children or handicapped first.  How’s that?

This goes back to my blog about what’s wrong with our priorities,  “The Question” and Yo Mama

Provide a service at a reasonable profit and everyone’s happy, provide a service and squeeze every cent you can out of your customers and they just look for an opportunity for paybacks, and maybe here it is.

Have some pretzels.

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