Here’s your sound Bite

I received a bullshit survey from one of the political parties the other day. Which one doesn’t really matter since they are both cut from the same cloth. It was designed for sound bites, not to find out what difficulties I and my family are experiencing. If you really want to find out what I think, hire yourself someone who can write a survey and not leading questions for numbers in your next speech.

You people are out of touch with what is going on out here. Pull your head out of wherever it is and stop worrying about winning, that will take care of itself if you can really address the needs of the people.

I’m only one person, but here’s what I think you would see if you lived in the real world.

I see double digit inflation right around the corner and no salary increases to counter it, assuming you keep your job.

I see my insurance rates last year rising %13 and even though my company is self insured, the insurance company that administers the plan raised their rates 9% so only %4 was due to medical expenses.

I see us becoming huge raw materials exporter, that used to be one of the measures of a third world country, but here we are. Our engineers are in India, our manufacturing is in China, who is going to be able to buy anything here.

So there you are. There’s some of my answers. Call me and I’ll give you more if you like.


2 comments on “Here’s your sound Bite

  1. Qatgirl says:

    HEY! If we didn’t have goods manufactured with slave labor in China, nobody would shop at Walmart, dude!

  2. Amy Shelton says:

    Right on!

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