Walmart – Always Lower.

So, I’m watching TV and a commercial comes on. This woman is asking this obnoxious sales clerk why his prices on name brand electronic are so high. The sales guy squirms and looks even more slimy but the perky shopper says again, “why are your prices for NAME BRAND electronics so high and WALMART’s so low.” Well obviously since it’s a Walmart commercial he doesn’t answer her, but I will! It’s because they aren’t even the same product. That’s right, a Walmart Sony for instance, isn’t a real Sony, it’s a specially contracted, specially manufactured product made just for Walmart with the Sony name on it and with every possible corner cut to make the price lower. When it fails, Sony might not even be the one’s to service it, or like the Mongoose bike I bought my son, they might have a “special” service section for Walmart bikes. With my son’s bike you find out when you get it home that the manual even says that the bikes sold at Walmart are not the same.

So here’s this Ad, inferring that the only difference in the name brand products sold at Walmart is the price, when in reality, the name brands sold at Walmart, everything from clothing and shoes to televisions, are cut rate look alike products with a fancy name.

I remember when Walmart meant American made, it meant middling quality. Now they stick to the motto, always lower prices, on cut rate products. Why do I shop here, well since they’ve driven nearly every other store out of town I don’t have much choice, but I do go there last so I can see if I can get what I need ANYWHERE else.

One comment on “Walmart – Always Lower.

  1. Wow! I always knew that clothing sold at Walmart were made using slave labor in China, but I had no idea that the electronics were chincy knock-offs! It sounds like the manufacturers are legitimizing black market clones. But they are cloning themselves, and getting the profit. So the answer is to boycott Walmart, Sony, and Mongoose bikes.

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