Women’s rugby

My daughter plays rugby at college. I worry about her a little, it is a FULL contact sport, but I see the confidence and self reliance it builds in her and wonder where it will take her throughout her life. The women of her generation are going to be a different sort than the women from generations before. I helped to coach high school girl’s soccer so I saw some of these girls up close.

These are not the rare woman athletes of days gone past, these are the everygirls at the school. Today’s everygirl is tough. They face the world with the determination to work for what they want. It’s not just the athletes either, the attitude of being themselves is pervasive. The old idea that a smart girl isn’t attractive is not the norm, helpless women are out.

I once told my daughter that girls could do anything. At the time I didn’t think rugby would be one of those things, but good for her, and I think in the long run, good for us. If women can have the confidence to step out and fulfill their potential, and society has the maturity to accept them, what can it do but benefit us all. I am an engineer. Any time I have worked beside a talented woman, her insights and ideas, coming from a much different angle than my testosterone soaked approaches, have always been valuable.

So parents, support your daughters, whether in sports, academics, the arts, whatever…the world is changing. We all will thank you


One comment on “Women’s rugby

  1. Qatgirl says:

    Every father should tell all their daughters that they can do anything.

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