A Different Kind Of Draft

Thomas JeffersonHey, how about a draft. Ya, a draft, where you pull numbers out of a hat and send a letter that says, “buddy, we’ve got an offer you can’t refuse.” But instead of drafting soldiers, let’s draft POLITICIANS!! Yes, lets have the first truly representative government ever.

I am really serious about this, here’s how it would work. We double the size of our governing body, congress, and stagger the terms so the turnover is slow. Then you draft the people to serve, white, black, men, women… it would be an exact cross section of our nation. Anyone with a high school education HAS to serve. If you are drafted you get DOUBLE your annual pay or say $80000 which ever is higher. You get a free place to live and you get your job back when you are done, after, say 4 years. NO ONE retires from this job!!!

The President is elected from this body, anyone who has served in the congress can be elected once. He is elected by the Congress who know him best. Since he has been out of his job for 8 years now, he retires but still serves as an adviser to all newer presidents and can’t be denied access to the President.

Can’t happen you say, the powers that be, like to be, so they would never let this happen. Well I have a plan, we need to start the Constitutional Convention party. We write the whole plan out before the election and our sole job is to get elected, call a Constitutional Convention, and put the new plan in place.

So, what do you say?

I say vote for we the people!


One comment on “A Different Kind Of Draft

  1. Qatgirl says:

    So how do I get to be on the Draft Board?

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